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A little bit a of History

Orangeries have their modern roots in 17th century Holland. The concept, though, may be much older. There are records of buildings similar to orangeries in 14th-century France, and the Romans had built glorified greenhouses many years before that.

The word ‘orangery’ comes from the 16th century. Initially, these orangeries (as the collection of trees was known) stayed in the gardens. But, with the introduction of plant pots, they were brought indoors.

Our traditional orangeries combine solid brick pillars, a performance glass roof and a range of traditional finishing touches. This option is the perfect way for you to bring a beautifully charming period look to your home. Combine a glazed roof, traditional brick piers and a decorative cornice to create the look orangeries are famous for. The insulated internal pelmet adds thermal efficiency and provides a useful place for lighting and speakers.

All our designs come with a 10-year warranty that will cover our customers in the event of an unforeseen issue.